2000: Watford, INTEGER Millennium House

Demonstration house for Intelligent & Green technology filmed by BBC television for ‘Dream House’ series.  We led a team of 150 organisations who gave expertise, manpower, materials and equipment free issue to create one of the most innovative houses in the UK in 12 weeks. Foundations and superstructure were fabricated off-site including timber panel construction and volumetric bathrooms; networked cabling provided automatic control and communication; high levels of insulation, ground source heat pump, solar panels, photovoltaic panels and other renewables were demonstrated to deliver a house which would currently be equivalent to a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 + environmental performance.

Since completion the house has received up to 5,000 professional visitors each year and been featured in numerous television programmes. A model of the project has been exhibited all round the world including at the Science Museum in London and appears in Dorling Kindersley’s Encyclopaedia of the Future. The project has been visited by numerous senior politicians and by HRH the Prince of Wales.

Awards: European Intelligent Building of the Year 1998, National Homebuilders Award for Ecology 1999, 2000 Homes Award for Innovation, International Design Sense Award shortlisted 2000, National Homebuilders Award for House of the Future 2003.

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