Meeting the needs of people

Meeting the needs of people is at the top of our design agenda. We strive to create useful and delightful architecture which is appropriate to context. We apply a holistic approach to integrating building structure, fabric and services to maximise value and performance.

We create value through imaginative use of space, efficient planning, simple detailing and carefully targeted specification. Long life, loose fit, low maintenance.

We have pioneered modern methods of construction (MMC) for more than a decade – dry construction, panel and volumetric systems, non-invasive foundations etc but we are pragmatic about this – if it works and adds value, we’ll use it.

Good environmental performance is fundamental

Minimising energy, carbon emissions, water and waste, and using sustainable materials. Key issues include orientation, fenestration, insulation, ventilation and shading. Common sense design which adds little or no extra cost.

We revisit our projects to get feedback from the people who use them. For us this is the acid test of success.

Philosophy Test Image
Philosophy Test Image